Smart Curtain Switch

Intelligent curtain switch

New shading experience, enjoy the real smart home

4D Control, no matter far or near

Anytime, anywhere, as you like, the distance between you and intelligent control is so close

Voice control
Touch control
Remote control
Mobile control

Intelligent control, intimate life

The curtain is opened at the preset time point, so that you can feel the colorful world outside each window, and the closure is so caring

Open the curtains and enjoy the sunshine
Close the curtains to keep out the sun
Open the curtains and looking out
Close the curtains to help you sleep

Timing control, natural wake up

Even if it's a simple lunch break, setting "Noon Break Scene" can close the curtain. After sleeping for an hour, the curtain will open automatically to wake you up naturally

Open and close at will, comfortable and flexible

The sunlight penetrates between the curtains with precise opening and closing ratio, which adds a just right comfort to you